Surface Water Quality Monitoring Program – Kahnawà:ke


KEPO has been monitoring water quality in creeks and the bay on a regular basis since 2014. 13 sampling locations within the community have been identified and sampling occurs every one-two months during the ice-free period. Samples are analyzed for many parameters including suspended sediments, E. coli (a bacteriological indicator of fecal contamination), metals, phosphorus, dissolved oxygen, pH and turbidity. The purpose of this program is to provide a background understanding of the health of the water systems in Kahnawà:ke. By accumulating a baseline of knowledge, KEPO will be able to see trends and determine how the surface water quality in the community is changing over time. Any sudden changes in water quality may also indicate a problem that needs immediate investigation, such as illegal dumping.

The locations for the samples have been selected to ensure that all of the main creeks in the community are sampled at various locations. The main creeks include North Creek, Delormier Creek, Little Suzanne River, Suzanne River and the Recreation Bay.

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