Environmental Education and Advocacy

As Rotinonhsón:ni (Mohawk word for the Iroquois Confederacy), our worldview frames our relationship and inter-connectedness to our natural world and is embedded in Our Creation Story, the Ohén:ton Karihwatéhkwen (thanksgiving address) and the Kaianerehkó:wa (Great Law of Peace). Rotinonhsón:ni worldview grounds KEPO’s mission in providing environmental leadership to the community in fulfilling our responsibilities as caretakers of our Mother the Earth.

The pillars of Kahnawà:ke Environment Protection’s environmental education framework are to create awareness about environmental issues, to provide opportunities to build understanding of connection to land through hands-on out outdoor activities, to build capacity for environmental stewardship and to enable sustainable actions through collaborative actions with the community.


Respect, responsibility and connection to land are the cornerstones of KEPO’s environmental advocacy initiatives for environmental protection and sustainable development.

Below are links to some of the educational resources developed by KEPO:

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