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Latest Educational Resources

KEPO carries out many different educational initiatives. We prepare and deliver presentations or workshops on a wide variety of environmental topics. KEPO provides environmental knowledge at community events, youth groups and summer camp activities, and gives talks or field walks for local schools. Throughout the years we have developed many educational resources about our environment in Kahnawà:ke and Tioweró:ton.

Scholarship Programs

A resource list of scholarship opportunities for post-secondary students.


Conservation Pathways

A resource list of post-secondary programs for students interested in guardian and conservation careers.


Eastern Bluebird Activity Sheets

Learn about the eastern bluebird through these fun activity sheets!


Kahnawà:ke’s Winter Animal Tracks

A printable poster of Kahnawà:ke’s Winter Animal Tracks. Take it with you on your next outdoor adventure!


The Basics of Climate Change

A printable poster on the basics of climate change. Learn the basic terms related to this important issue.


Local Bird ID Booklet

A printable local bird ID booklet made for young children featuring the English, scientific and Kanien’kéha names.


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Happy #BiodiversityDay🌱

Iakwatonhontsanónhnha (We all mind her, the Earth). Today, and everyday, let's protect the #biodiversity that surrounds us 🌏🌲

Today we are sharing 22 actions you can take for biodiversity conservation.

Learn how you can #BuildBackBiodiversity


#kahnawakeenvironment #BiodiversityDay
It is National Invasive Species Action Week‼️

🌿 What is an #invasivespecies? A non-native living organism (plant, animal, or disease) that impacts our ecosystems by outcompeting native species for space and resources, they can also impact human health, and impact recreation activities, industry, and the economy. 

This week we will be sharing tips from the Canadian Council on Invasive Species' 5 TAKE-ACTION programs to help STOP THE SPREAD of invasive species. 🛑

To learn more visit https://canadainvasives.ca/

#KahnawakeEnvironment #NISAW #invasivespecies #ISAW

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