Posted 4 years ago

Reforestation Plan for the North Wall


10, Tsothóhrha/December, 2020 – A reforestation strategy has been prepared to compensate for the trees that will be cut on the North Wall in association with the Hydro Line 2 Dismantlement project  (Reforestation plan_Kahnawake_202012_ENG).

KEPO encourages the community to review this strategy and provide any input they may have. The loss of these trees is unfortunate but necessary for staging and access and is expected to take place in early January. KEPO will ensure that the area is restored with native trees, and the area will be monitored for several years after the replanting to ensure success.

Among the trees to be removed will be black ash – local basket-makers may contact KEPO if they are interested in assessing logs for potential use. Also, a site will be determined where logs suitable for firewood will be available for interested community members.

A map of the designated clearing area can be seen below (clearing areas in green). Please direct questions or comments to or call 450-635-0600.

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